Administrative Staff

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1007 Mill Pond Lane, Ste. B
Greencastle, IN 46135
(P) 765-653-2150 / 800-211-2750
(F) 765-653-1486

Board of Directors

Montgomery County

  • Dan Guard, Montgomery County Commissioner
  • Don Mills, Montgomery County Council
  • Mayor Todd Barton, City of Crawfordsville
  • Scott Hesler, Crawfordsville Mayor Proxy

Parke County

  • Dan Collom, Parke County Commissioner
  • Parke Swaim, Rockville Board
  • George Nicholas, Parke County Commissioner Proxy

Putnam County

  • David Berry, Putnam County Commissioner
  • Gene Beck, Putnam County Council
  • Mayor William Dory, City of Greencastle

Mission Statement

West Central Solid Waste District is a government organization whose purpose is to inform, educate, and inspire the citizens of Montgomery, Parke and Putnam Counties in Central Indiana about proper waste disposal, waste reduction, reuse and recycling; and to provide programs and services in these areas. We will strive to continually improve the quality and availability of these programs and services, collaborating with private entities and pursuing innovative options wherever possible. Educating citizens, along with convenient/ effective programs and services, will enable West Central Solid Waste District to protect the environment, fulfill all regulatory and legislative objectives, and benefit our communities today and tomorrow.

Why are solid waste management districts important?

  • Waste Tires
  • Household Hazardous Wastes, including Mercury
  • Used Oil
  • White Goods
  • Electronics
  • Yard Waste (vegetative material)

West Central SWD additionally provides:

  • Rural Recycling Drop-Off Centers (7)
  • Rural Recycling Assistance Grant (50% of hauling/collection fees)
  • Recycling bins at 4-H fairs/events(bottles/cans), gov. offices/courthouses (paper recycling)
  • Loaner bins for recycling at community events
  • Annual donation to schools/volunteer fire dept. for monitoring recycling collection bins
  • Safe Sharps Disposal (free needle clippers)
  • Unwanted Pharmaceutical Collection
  • School/Civic Organization recycling grants and bench grants
  • Fulfills MS4 requirements by providing hazardous/toxic education and services to protect groundwater, watersheds, and wildlife
  • School & Public Education promoting the benefits of recycling, composting, waste reduction, reuse, and closing the loop by buying recycled products
  • Resource to educate and assist residents with options for safe disposal of harmful wastes and environmentally focused services
  • Up-to-date detailed reporting to the State for a clear picture of how we are meeting recycling goals locally and State-wide
  • Christmas Tree Recycling (provides wildlife habitats, prevents erosion, provides mulch)
  • Assistance with management of disaster debris
  • Partner with Lions Club to collect used eye glasses for reuse

Additional Long-Term Benefits:

Landfills have longer life expectancy due to SWMD efforts to change the mindset of the general public to think before they throw away, diverting waste from landfills and conserving natural resources through reuse, waste reduction, and recycling education.
  • Roadside/ditch litter and illegal dumping has been drastically decreased due to education and services providing residents with outlets for problem wastes.
  • WCSWD has one of the lowest per capita expenditures across the State due to shared expenses with multiple counties; reduced staffing with expanded work responsibilities; earnest management of allocated funds; partnerships developed with private industry.