Are You Recycling or Wishcycling?

Since the switch to single stream recycling (putting mixed recyclables in the same container), there seems to be more confusion about what exactly can be recycled at the curb or drop-off center. Wishcycling is the practice of putting items in recycling bins with the hope that someone will do the right thing with them. This adds a lot of wrong materials into the recycling stream causing contamination. Dirty recycling is a main factor in why China and other large consumers of US recyclables no longer want them, as they are full of trash. We’re asking everyone to recycle the correct items in order to clean up our recycling stream. Things that should never be placed in a recycling bin include: electronics, household batteries, metal pans, garden hose, plastic children’s toys, wood, motor oil bottles, light bulbs, and window pane glass, just to name a few. Instead of single-use grocery bags that can cause havoc by wrapping around conveyors and jam sorting machines, consider reuasable shopping bags that can be washed and reused again and again. Let’s get back to basics by putting only the items listed by the hauler as accepted recyclables in the bins or curbside totes. Remember to break down all cardboard and triple rinse bottles and jars to create a marketable end product that won’t end up in the landfill. Afterall, isn’t that why we recycle in the first place?

We Need Your Helping Hand / Don't Bag Recyclables


City of Greencastle Recycling Update. Guidance on what to include in curbside recycling toter offered.

Upcoming Events:

Recycle Christmas Trees (Dec. 26 – end of January) at these locations:
  • GREENCASTLE YARD WASTE SITE 2663 S. Co. Rd. 250 West, located on the road to the County Highway Dept, just past the police firing range on left.
  • LIEBER STATE PARK RECREATION AREA 1317 W. Lieber Road Ste 1, Cloverdale. 3 miles south of I-70 on State Road 243.
  • RACCOON LAKE STATE RECREATION AREA 1588 S. Raccoon Pkwy, Rockville (Bill Hill Parking Lot).
  • ROCKVILLE LAKE PARK 828 N. Marshall Road, Rockville. Leave in pile at the base of the barn.

** Remove all lights, decorations, tinsel, stands, and plastic bags (no artificial trees).